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This system will be used for bus application submission and communication channel between parents/guardian and Kwoon Chung.

For the general information about the bus service and tentative bus schedule, please download below:

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CDNIS Bus Info 2024/2025

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BUS INFORMATION [ 2024/2025 ]

KWOON CHUNG MOTORS COMPANY LIMITED will provide school bus service for CDNIS students, to and from school on a contract basis for the 2024/2025 school year.


To provide parents with a effective and efficient bus application process, all bus riders are expected to register bus service online.

In order to allow sufficient time to prepare the various bus routes, to schedule pick up/drop off times, to process bus cards and to coordinate school buses to avoid overcrowding, parents should submit the application on or before the deadline below for all CDNIS students.

Please note that students are required to submit new bus application for EACH new school year and the services will NOT be automatically renewed.

Application Deadline = May 28, 2024 (Tuesday)

Bus registration is open throughout the school year
   as we recognize that new students will register after he/she has been accepted to CDNIS.   


All registered students will be provided a bus card to SWIPE-IN for boarding and SWIPE-OUT when alighting, in order to allow Parents, CDNIS' school office and KCM's office to know if students are safely on board at the particular bus time with instant location during the trip to school or home.

More details could be found in our confirmation letter!

Bus information, tentative schedule and bus fee

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